In this section you will find some of the funniest jokes on the internet. Whether it is Knock Knock Jokes, or other jokes, we have you covered!

The Funniest Social Worker Jokes

Social workers are professionals who work with individuals and families to help them improve their quality of life. Social workers help people cope with problems,

The Best Nurse Jokes

Nurse jokes are a type of joke that is usually told in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. These jokes are often told by

The Funniest RV Jokes

RVs are an abbreviation for recreational vehicles. They are also known as motor homes or motor coaches. RVs can be either self-propelled, towed behind another

The Funniest Car Jokes

We all have cars and most of us drive them everyday.  They have been a long running source of jokes. These jokes about cars and

The Funniest Farmer Jokes

Farmers are the punchline of so many jokes. They are often silly humor that appeals to kids and very family friendly. Without further ado, we