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Annie Lederman – A Stylish, Talented, & Quick-Witted Comic from Philly

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All You need to know about Annie Lederman

Annie Lederman is one of the most well-known female comics in the US and a great podcast host. Annie was born just after midnight on July 20th, 1983 in Philadelphia. An incredibly fun fact about her is that she has a fraternal twin brother who was born just a few minutes before her on July 19th, 1983!

Annie has a German, English, and Jewish background. She was raised as a Quaker by her parents and received her early education in a Quaker school.

Once she graduated high school, she spent some time doing service work like her mother. She also pursued dolphin training in Hawaii and worked with underprivileged children in Central America through a non-profit organization.

After returning to the US, she continued to help children and worked with kids with disabilities such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Her experience goes to show that Annie Lederman is not only a great comedian but a great person as well.

After beginning her career as a comedian, Annie Lederman appeared on many TV shows and films. She also performed live stand-up comedy shows and showcased her fantastic sense of humor through social media platforms.

Annie has appeared on the MTV series Girl Code and shows like We Have Issues, Chelsea Lately, and @midnight. Many people also know her from the video game Grand Theft Auto V, as she voiced Cheryl Fawkes.

If you would like to know more about her comedy career, we have compiled a list of the best highlights you’d love to read.


Here Are Some of the Most Fascinating Facts about Annie Lederman

1. Annie quit bad habits and moved to NYC to become a comedian

Annie Lederman spent a lot of time doing service work in the USA and Central America. After returning, Annie enrolled in The College of Santa Fe, where she was majoring in counseling and art. She intermittently attended classes at the campus for eight years since she had developed a serious drinking problem.

Annie experienced blackout incidents and was even involved in a motor scooter accident where she sustained several injuries. Annie recalls that time to be very dark as she wasn’t drinking to have fun with friends or be social, but she was drinking since she desperately needed a break. Just two weeks after she graduated, The College of Santa Fe went out of business and closed.

She attempted to start a career in comedy in Los Angeles and performed successfully at a few gigs but couldn’t find her big break. It was then that Annie Lederman decided that she had to gain control of her life, leave bad habits, and become more serious about her career.

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For a change of scene and to show her dedication to herself, Annie moved to New York City in 2009 to become sober and pursue a career in comedy. Since the comedy scene in New York City is much more competitive, Annie found herself improving drastically as she began to work on herself to be a better comedian.


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2. Annie Lederman is popular on social media for her comedy

Annie created the YouTube channel Sausage Party Presents with her friend Abbey Luck in 2011. Abbey Luck is a video artist who helped Annie showcase her sense of humor to the world. It grew into a production company where Abbey and Annie made funny skits and parodies involving various cult classic movies.

Aside from that, Annie has also been a part of some viral memes and videos on social media. When she performed a set on Adam Devine’s House Party, she got noticed by many notable personalities and bigger audiences. Her joke about dental floss was shared on various social media platforms as a meme.

She also enjoys sharing her humor with her fans on Twitter and Instagram. She isn’t afraid to rock the boat and has also made several witty jokes about A-list celebrities. She likes sharing jokes online, just the same as performing stand-up comedy in front of a large audience. Annie believes that making a single person laugh at one joke is easier than keeping a room full of audience entertained for a long time.

The best quality about Annie Lederman is that she is very spontaneous and witty. She can observe her surroundings quickly and use her surprisingly great drawing abilities to make audiences laugh through her Snapchat stories. She often makes amusing doodles and shares them on Instagram with her fans.

3. She is a great actress and comedy writer

Although Annie Lederman is most commonly known for her skits, jokes on social media, and podcasts, she is also a great actress and comedy writer. She was a part of Money from Strangers in 2012, where she was featured in the episode Bouncy Boy.

She also played a minor role in The Long Dumb Road in 2018 as Francois’s Wife and had the chance the work with Ron Livingston. In Those Who Can’t, aired in 2019, Annie played the role of Tampa in the episode A Smoot Holiday Coincidence.

She was also a part of Showtime’s hit documentary series called The Comedy Store. Annie worked alongside David Letterman, Jay Leno, Joe Rogan, and many other comedic legends. Aside from that, she has been on most television networks, such as Comedy Central, MTV, E!, and TruTV.

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She was featured in Lights Out with David Spade, and This Is Not Happening on Comedy Central. On E!, she was a part of the series Chelsea Lately and Comedy Knockout on TruTV.

She has also written Stand Ups, which was a scripted pilot for Comedy Central produced by Dan Powell. Annie also contributed to writing for Impractical Jokers as well as Borat.

4. Annie hosts a fantastic comedy podcast

Annie has been a part of many podcasts as a host and a guest. She started her first podcast in 2019, which was called Meanspiration. Later on, Annie started another podcast with Khahlya Kuhn and Esther Povistky called Trash Tuesday’s.

She is a co-host of the podcast and enjoys talking to guests on the show and her equally hilarious co-hosts. They have invited many other comedians and entertainers to the podcast, such as Anthony Jeselnik, Stella Barey, Andrew Santino, Marc Maron, and more.

Annie also makes frequent appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, WTF with Marc Maron, Tour Moms House, and The Church with Joey Diaz, and many other podcasts. She also started a podcast called Don’t Bore Me in July 2022 that can be found on Spotify.


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5. She also hosted the E! series called We Have Issues

Annie got more famous with her appearance on Chelsea Lately, and the TV network, E!, offered her a talk show on the platform. She created a pop-culture talk show called We Have Issues. She was the host of the TV show along with Julian McCullough.

The show was structured to be a battle between comedians as they competed to be the ultimate pop culture champion and tested their knowledge with weekly challenges. The comedy series was short-lived and did not continue for more than four episodes. The show’s discontinuation was a shame since many audience members were looking forward to watching Annie’s hilarious antics on the show.


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Annie Lederman – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who did Annie Lederman date?

Annie Lederman does not share much about her romantic life on social media. People speculate that she is either single or that she prefers to keep her personal life private. Nevertheless, Annie had shared in 2016 on Twitter that Annie was in a relationship with Ben Stewart. She cracked a light joke to share the news with her audience.

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Where is Annie Lederman from?

Annie Lederman was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Does Annie Lederman have a podcast?

Yes, Annie Lederman has a podcast with Khahlya Kuhn and Esther Povistky called Trash Tuesday’s. In the podcast, the hilarious hosts talk about random topics or trending news and also invite various entertainers and comedians as guests.

Does Annie Lederman have a twin?

Yes, Annie Lederman has a fraternal twin brother named Max.

How old is Annie Lederman?

Annie Lederman was born on July 20th, 1983.

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Annie Lederman is one of the most talented and witty female comedians in the US. She is an experienced stand-up comedian who has been performing at locations all across the country. Annie started showcasing her talents online with Sausage Party Presents, a comedy channel she created with Abbey Luck.

Later, Annie rose to popularity with her stand-up performances and online skits, which allowed her to be featured in various TV shows and films. She also had a viral moment online where she made a joke about dental flossing, and it was turned into a meme by netizens.

Annie can always make audiences laugh with her sharp observational skills and unique humor. Most of her fans know her due to her entertaining tweets on Twitter as she comments on the latest news and trends.

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