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The Funniest Bartender Jokes

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Funniest Bartender Jokes

The Man in the Tweed Jacket

One night in the small bar, the bartender is lamenting the fact that business is so quiet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As he continues talking to his regulars a stranger, dressed in a tweed jacket and wearing sunglasses walks over and says, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. I’m a doctor at Psychiatric hospital down the road.

I’m trying to integrate some of the more sane patients into the community. Why don’t I bring some of my patients along, say, next Tuesday. You’ll have some customers and my patients will have a night out.”

Well, the bartender isn’t sure, but the thought of more paying customers on a quiet night appeals to him. So he agrees.

The following Tuesday, the man in the tweed jacket and sunglasses appears with about ten people. He told the bartender, “Give them whatever they want, put it on a tab and I’ll settle up at closing time.”

The bartender has a great time selling loads of drinks and encouraging the patients to eat plenty of peanuts. The patients have a great time, getting drunk, but they did behave themselves.

At closing time the bartender added up the bill and came up to over $250. The man in the tweed jacket and sunglasses begins to organize the patients, so that they can go back to the hospital. The bartender approaches the man in the tweed jacket and says, “It comes to $250.”

The man in the tweed jacket and sunglasses smiles and says, “That’s fine. Do you happen to have change for a dustbin lid?”

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