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Carmen Morales – The Up-and-Coming Comedy Prodigy

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Carmen Morales

Carmen Morales is a rising comedy star who excels at standup comedy, all the while being a heck of a podcaster. The talented woman kick-started her comedy career by performing in rundown clubs, and through hard work and dedication, is now well on her way to becoming one of the biggest names in the comedy and entertainment industry.

Enough of an introduction? Good! Let’s go through Morales’ some of the biggest career highlights and facts to get an idea of the burning talent, passion, and skill hiding behind her sweet and charming persona.


8 Facts about Carmen Morales You’ve Never Heard Before


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1. Carmen Has a Unique Comedy Style

Carmen Morales is a unique comedian through and through. Her unprecedented style of comedy and theme of scripts makes her a standout. Her performances are often combinations of opportunistic and on-the-spot wit sprinkled with far-fetched ambitions.

Her comedy themes and choices can be attributed to her personal events and experiences which she brilliantly transforms into humorous commentary, leaving the audience convulsed with laughter.

Her performances are also greatly influenced by her friends, relatives, and the people she encounters in her everyday life. Additionally, her standup performances are a mixed bag of clean and some unfiltered comedy that can make you question whether you should watch it with the whole family or by yourself.

2. Morales Was Featured on STANDBY with JJ And Francisco

Standup is not the only thing our comedy champ can do; she also makes for a great podcast guest and a really fun person to chat with. And perhaps the folks at STANDBY with JJ and Francisco already knew this when they invited Carmen Morales onto their show.

STANDBY with JJ and Francisco is a fun and entertaining podcast series hosted by two international touring standup comedians, Francisco Ramos and JJ Whitehead. In each episode, the two hosts invite an entertainer to the show and have a long and juicy discussion on life, arts, and the social blunders that infect our daily lives.

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The show first aired on December 21, 2020, and is still in production. On April 28, 2022, Carmen Morales was featured on the show on what was its 56th episode. The comedian and the hosts talked about a variety of topics, including living in your car, Disney deaths, and Carmen’s love of Spain.

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3. Her Comedy Performances Aren’t Restricted to Comedy Clubs

Unlike many comedians, Carmen hasn’t restricted herself to showcasing her knack for standup in just comedy clubs. In fact, her love for this profession has liberated her from her obligation to these industry-standard norms and motivated her to jump at the opportunity to perform anywhere she gets the chance.

In addition to comedy clubs, the comedy star has performed at military bases, colleges, strip malls, rundown dive bars, and in towns that no one has even heard of all over the United States.

4. The Comedian Has Appeared on the wellRED Podcast


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Another great and recent addition to Carmen Morale’s list of podcast appearances! wellRed podcast is a series of on-the-road episodes where Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan, and Corey Ryan Forrester – three comedians and buddies from the south – discuss and debate about a variety of topics that range from intellectual and relevant to laughable and absurd.

Usually, it’s just the three comedians; however, sometimes, they’ll invite a guest on the show to add a fun spin. On May 25, 2022, Carmen was featured on the show where Drew Morgan was soloing the podcast. The two comedians talked about several trending and intimate topics such as the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial, relationships, the Me-Too movement, and genders.

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5. Carmen Morale Has Filmed a TV Special with HBO

The talented comedian has been making huge strides in her comedy career, and nothing testifies to this better than the fact that she has recently recorded her first-ever TV special in association with HBO. The TV special is called Entrenos in which Morale and her co-star and fellow comedian, Alfred Robles, talk and joke about everything from family and relationships to Latin-American people and their problems. You can catch the TV special through the HBO streaming service.

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6. Carmen Has Been Featured on The Church of What’s Happening Now

The Church of What’s Happening Now is an American comedy talk show starring the comedians Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt. Each episode involves Joey inviting one of his writer, comedian, actor, or director friends over to chat, discuss, and debate about whatever comes to Joey’s mind. Morale was invited on the show on January 16, 2019, where she and the host shared their experiences and their memorable moments from performing standup.

7. The Comedy Queen Has Her Own Podcast Show

Not only is the woman a great standup comedian, but she also rules when it comes to hosting podcasts. Carmen Morales released her own podcast series back in 2018 by the name of “No Sir I Don’t Like It.” In each episode of the podcast, Morale invites her comical friends and fellow comedians over and digs in deep into their likes and dislikes. From pet peeves to people you just can’t stand, no stone is left unturned.

The show has released more than 185 episodes and has featured a number of popular and up-and-coming comedians such as Alfred Robles, Amy Miller, Dave Ross, Mike Glazer, and many more.

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8. The Comedian Has Performed at Several Comedy Festivals


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The comical woman has showcased her talent and skill for comedy on several different fronts throughout the years. She has participated in various comedy festivals where she competed against countless up-and-coming comedians from all over the country and has fared pretty well.

As a matter of fact, she has headlined in some of the competitions she partook in, including the Altercation Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, and Scruffy City Comedy Festival. Her uproarious performances even got her featured in the New York Times.


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Comedian Carmen Morales is way too childish to have kids.

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A sweet, charming, and insanely hilarious woman, Carmen appears to be the perfect comedian and just what the industry needs. Her unique sense of comedy and passion for the profession have earned her attention and recognition from some of the comedy industry’s biggest players as well as her contemporaries.

No amount of words can do justice to the woman’s unbounded talent for comedy, and that’s why we recommend, no, urge you to check out her work. You’ll fall in love with her for sure!

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