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Top Comedy Clubs in Nashville

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comedy clubs in Nashville

Nashville may be famous for its country music, bars, and concert halls, but this Tennessee city has much more to offer. With its vibrant energy and fun-loving people, you can find several comedy clubs in Nashville that will tickle your funny bone and make you want to revisit for another show. Get ready to see the best local and national comedians on stage in Nashville, and who knows, maybe you’ll get an idea to join a sketch or improv class!

The comedy shows in Nashville are affordable and, to some extent, kid-friendly. The best part is the popular venues regularly run comedy shows, so you don’t have to worry about missing a show you wanted to check out. Below are the best comedy clubs in Nashville.


Comedy Clubs in Nashville

1. Third Coast Comedy Club

1310 Clinton St #121, Nashville, TN 37203

Third Coast Comedy Club is the product of Luke Watson and Scoot Field, who thought Nashville needed something other than coffee shops and music venues. They wanted to create a place that focused on comedians and laugh seekers. Today, Third Coast Comedy Club is voted the best in Nashville. In fact, it’s the only building in the city that remains dedicated to improv, classes, and comedy shows.

Luke Watson also founded LOL Nashville, the most successful comedy troupe in the city, which is now part of Third Coast Comedy Club. It’s an improv show featuring short-form and long-form styles. Each show is different from the previous one—the audience suggestions are considered during the show, making every new performance unique.

Erica Elam, dubbed by The Chicago Tribune as the ‘Top 5 Actors to Watch’, is the creator of this improv show. The cast includes Allison Summers, Bill Hillsman, Brooks Alford, Cammie York, Catherine Schwartz, Ethan Krupp, Isaac Kirk, Katy Hennen, Leigh Truemper, Luke Watson, Margaret French, and Mike Garvin. Scott Elam serves as the coach, and Mark Neglia and Ryan Citrino are the music directors.

The training classes are also the best in Nashville. If you want to try some long-form improv, sketch writing, or clowning, you can sign up for a class at Third Coast.

2. Nashville Improv

1310 Clinton St #121, Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville Improv is perfect for those who crave dramatics with comedy. The performers at this venue entertain audiences with high-energy improvisation. The combination of theater and improv is perfectly balanced at Nashville Improv. Famous names associated with this comedy company include Laura Hall, Jonah Ray, Kevin McDonald, and Dave Razowski.

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We recommend planning a date night for the show. If it’s your first date, it will work as an icebreaker. The talent on stage will leave you and your partner in tears of happiness. If you are feeling more enthusiastic about improv and comedy, you can even sign up for training lessons.


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3. Zanies Comedy Club

2025 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Zanies started business in 1978, founding its first location in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, they have added three more locations, and one of them is Nashville, Tennessee. The Nashville location of Zanies Comedy Club is one of the best in the entire state! With over three decades of laughter and smiles, this club has reserved a place in the city’s best places to visit for entertainment.

The club has featured the best of the best comedians from television shows, theater, and movies, along with some up-and-coming local talents. Some names you may recognize are Ashley Hesseltine, Dan Soder, Matt Rife, Joe Pera, Chad Daniels, Beth Stelling, James Gregory, Average Joey, Rory Scovel, and Liza Treyger.


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4. The Dinner Detective

700 Cool Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37067

The Dinner Detective location in Franklin hosts murder mystery shows for Nashville-Franklin residents and visitors. The interactive comedy show is the best in the entire country, with 75+ locations across the States. The mysteries are hilarious, and the crowd and staff are as fun as you’d expect a place with an unusual dinner setting to be. One ticket includes a murder mystery theatre show, dinner, waitstaff, and delightful surprises.

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You can visit the place for Saturday night shows and enjoy a fun night of laughs and mysteries at the venue. If you want to have the place all for yourself and your guests, you can reserve the location for private events and shows. There’s no limitation on group size, so feel free to bring as many people as you want!

5. The East Room

2412 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

We’ll admit that The East Room in Nashville has more music performances than anything else, but you should still watch out for the comedic talent that performs on this stage. It’s a favorite venue in the city featuring scheduled comedy, dance, and music nights, with Tuesdays reserved for free open mic comedy after 8:30 and Sundays for comedy shows after 6:30.


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6. Grand Ole Opry House

2804 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214

Those who’ve been to Nashville before or heard about its famous places know that Grand Ole Opry House is the place for music, laughs, and entertainment. If you are ever in Nashville, you can’t leave before enjoying one show at this venue.

While the music shows at Grand Ole Opry House are all the rage, the comedy shows feature some of the best in the state and country. Names you can easily recognize are Gary Mule Deer, Dusty Slay, Williams and Ree, Aaron Weber, and Jay Leno. Check the venue’s website to see all the upcoming shows.


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7. Yazoo Brewing Company

900 River Bluff Dr, Madison, TN 37115

If you want to have locally brewed beer in Nashville, Yazoo Brewing Company is the one you should seek out. Once a month, Yazoo Tap Room hosts ‘Yazoo Comedy Hour,’ a comedy show for folks looking for entertainment, dinner, and beer. The regulars at this venue are Monty Mitchell, Sean Parrott, Renard Hirsch, Julia Stone, Erik Scott, Josh Black, and host Ben Sawyer.


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The Nashville Comedy Festival Finale w Karlous Miller DC Young Fly and Chico Bean

In the final sold-out show from The Nashville Comedy Festival, Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly, and Chico Bean take everybody back down memory lane. They take it back to what it was like when the ice cream man pulled up in the hood. They roast the people getting aggressive in Lennox Mall and get into crackhead theater.


Here’s a selection of the best comedy clubs in Nashville. Now pick the one you like (or that fits your schedule), and visit for a night of entertainment, food, and drinks. All these venues and comedy clubs have their own websites, so you can visit them and check out upcoming shows.

Comedy Clubs in Nashville – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Best Comedy Clubs in Nashville?

The best comedy clubs in Nashville are Third Coast Comedy Club, Nashville Improv, Zanies, and The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show.

Is There a Dress Code at Zanies Nashville?

There’s no dress code at Zanies in Nashville, Tennessee, but their website states that they do ask people to wear clothes.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to Zanies Nashville?

18 years or 21 years is the minimum age requirement at Zanies, depending on the show.

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