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What to Wear to a Comedy Club? The Dos and Don’ts of Comedy Club Outfits

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What to Wear to a Comedy Club

People who go to comedy clubs are dressed in casual clothing. You don’t have to spend hours on your outfit, hair, and makeup to look flawless. In fact, if you do that, you might become the target! The question of what to wear to a comedy club confuses many, especially if they are first-timers. We think the word “club” makes people assume there’s more to it than they know.

However, it’s simple—keep it casual, but not too casual. You can wear formal clothing, but it shouldn’t be too formal. Confused? We understand your dilemma.

Let’s take it one piece of clothing at a time and see what you should wear to a comedy club and enjoy the night without feeling embarrassed about your outfit.


What to Wear to a Comedy Club

Here’s a response from a comedy club staff when asked about the dress code of their club:

“We have patrons who come dressed in formal, business, and casual. As long as you come to our theater clothed, you’re all right.”

So, yeah—the first rule of outfits for a comedy club is to wear something. Now that the unspoken question is answered, let’s move on to the Dos of comedy club outfits.

Wear Casual or Semi-Casual Shirts

Casual t-shirts and tops are best to blend in with the comedy club crowd. Overly formal shirts, loud colors, and weird slogans make people look at you more than once. It also makes you a potential material for the standup comedian.

On the other hand, avoid overly casual outfits too. If you put on an old t-shirt you wear at home, it will make you stand out.

Choose Jackets

If you enter a comedy club dressed in a crisp suit with a perfectly knotted tie, it will get you noticed—something you do not want at a comedy club! Therefore, choose something casual that does not say, “here, make fun of me!”

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A safe choice would be to wear a jacket in a neutral color. You should also lose the tie and rough up your hairstyle to blend in with the crowd.

Wear Casual outfits for comedy clubs

Jeans or Chinos for the Bottoms

Pants determine how over or underdressed you are. If you wear dark-colored jeans, you will fit right in with the patrons. If you wear something bolder, you might have difficulty sitting through the rest of the night.

Similar to your shirt option, keep the pants casual and comfortable. If you have to move around to get a drink or something, you won’t feel people staring at you.

Comfortable Shoes

Coming straight from work to a comedy club is not the best way to spend a fun night. Your shoes will probably make your feet hurt if you have to stand around before the show starts. So it’s recommended to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, flats, or low heels.

Tips for Novel Comedy Club Patrons

Simple Is Better

Ask any of your friends who have been to a comedy club or watch some YouTube videos to see what happens when people stand out in their outfits.

Whether you are in casual, formal, or business attire does not matter. If the outfit stands out, the comedian on stage will find it hard not to comment on your outfit.

A funny-looking outfit is a perfect target for comedians. Whatever they say will be funny—if you have a great sense of humor and a big heart! If not, you will be embarrassed in front of strangers.

So, a safe bet would be to wear something simple and subtle. Try your best NOT to stand out. Avoid wearing neon colors, t-shirts with controversial slogans, or clashing patterns.

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casual and comfortable comedy club attire

Fancy Clothes Are a No-No

The comedian is the center of their show, so they should get the attention of all the patrons. If you wear something fancy and extravagant, you will attract the attention of the people around you.

Standup comedians cannot help but comment on people who are distracted during their shows. So, if you were to attract others, they would probably talk about your outfit, leading to unnecessary attention from their audience. So, keep the fancy clothes at home and wear a comfortable outfit to a comedy club.

Don’t Wear a Hat

A hat would block your view of the comedian, especially if the club is darkened or set up for tiered seating. You won’t be able to see the comedian on stage or navigate your way around the other seated patrons if you have to move.

You are there to enjoy yourself and laugh without holding back, so avoid wearing anything that would block your view. If you are wearing a hat as part of your outfit, make sure to take it off during the show.

people laughing and enjoying an event

Michelle Buteau – What Not to Wear to a Comedy Show

Standup comic and international fashion ambassador, Michelle Buteau, has her audience’s best interests at heart, especially when they make the mistake of wearing leather vests to her shows. Watch as she skewers a very good-natured and warm-chested man for his faux pax.


We hope your question about what to wear to a comedy club has been answered! No matter which city you go to attend a comedy show, make sure you wear weather-appropriate casual clothes.

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The comedy show is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Your outfit can make you relax quicker as the show starts so that you can enjoy the rest of it.

Have you been to a comedy club before and wore something that made you stand out? Share your story with us in the comments!

What to Wear to a Comedy Club – Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Wear to a Comedy Show in Vegas?

It’s Vegas, but comedy shows there are similar to any other city. You should keep it business casual by adorning a perfect outfit that does not make the comedian notice you.

What Should I Wear to the Funny Bone?

At VA Beach Funny Bone, there is no specific dress code. They only ask to wear something that does not block other patrons’ view. If you accidentally wear something that gets you noticed, they won’t take responsibility for it!

Should You Wear Heels to a Comedy Show?

Heels are the ultimate feet killer at a comedy show. You have to arrive early for your seats and may have to wait around for an hour before you get to sit down. You would not want to stand on your feet with heels making them hurt more.

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