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Meet Comedian Steve Gillespie!

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steve gillespie facts

Steve Gillespie is an American comedian who has made a significant name for himself over the last decade. He garnered national fame in 2013 and has since reached  new heights with both national and international performances.

His 2016 appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien was a prominent start to his career and it opened the door for numerous opportunities both in comedy and the entertainment industry as well.

As a person and a professional, he believes that comedy goes much deeper than just making people laugh. For Steve, standup is the art of taking everything that brought pain or shame to a person and then transforming it in a way that can make others not just relate to it but also learn important lessons.

In his own words, quoting Mark Twain, “Humor equals tragedy plus time”. His subtle jabs are a favorite with the audience and have earned him widespread acclaim.


Surprising Things to Know about Steve Gillespie

1. Steve started his comedy career at the Acme Comedy Club

Steve Gillespie began honing his skills at the prestigious Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis. Regarded as a comedy club with no parallel and ranked amongst the best across the United States, Acme has been the launching platform for many great names.

The club has completed nearly three decades as one of the top stages in America and set the foundations for Steve Gillespie to emerge as one of top comedians in an area that is considered the most competitive for standup artists.

2. He finished school and had a decent job before he found his true calling in stand up

In an interview with Shepherd Express, Steve revealed that he had a relatively stable career with a job that was decent, “all things considered”. However, according to him, he didn’t feel complete and there was this feeling inside him which kept hammering the fact that his life was mediocre, to put it in cleaner terms.

“It was empty” he shared with Shepherd’s Express, and this is the time when he went out searching for other things. Ultimately, he stumbled upon the Minneapolis standup scene.

3. He has opened for some of the biggest stars in the comedy realm

From Dave Attell to Tom Green, Steve has opened for a host of renowned comedians across the country. His resume in terms of people he has performed with, before or after is impressive.

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The list includes other celebrity comics like Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Breuer, Emo Phillips, Tom Segura, Doug Phillips, Kyle Kinnane and Harland Williams. It is safe to say that he has made quite a name for himself in the comedic scene at least nationally.

4. After a decade of doing standup, he moved from Minneapolis to LA

Steve started his comedic career from the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis. He spent a significant time honing his skills at various stages in the city, performing at different stages.

His career was already shining and growing with different performances garnering attention significantly. Steve was traveling the country doing standup shows and after nearly a decade on the scene, he made a decision to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of better prospects.

5. He has appeared at the Boston Comedy Festival and was the finalist at CMT’s Next Big Comic

Steve Gillespie has made it big on the comedy scene with numerous accolades, and high stakes performances across the country. In 2011, he appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival, which for the past two decades has built robust reputations for the best emerging standup comedians across the country.

The preceding year, in 2012, he was the finalist at CMT’s Next Big Comic TV series which marked another significant milestone in his career.

6. Steve’s comedy album reached #1 on the iTunes Charts

In 2017, Steve released his second comedic album, “Alive on State”. It reached #1 on the iTunes charts making it a huge commercial success. Earlier, in 2013, his debut album, “Stever Fever” from Rooftop Comedy was amongst the Top Ten Comedy Album of the year rated by

The fans absolutely love his genius self-flagellation that adds an extra flavor to the puns that he makes on stage and within his comedy specials.

7. He was a guest at Late Night with Conan O’Brien on CBS in 2016

Late Night with Conan O’Brien was one of the most famous late night talk shows in the US with an international audience. It has featured almost every major star from the Hollywood and music realm.

The first episode of the show aired on September 13, 1993 with the final one being on February 20, 2009 on NBC. Steve Gillespie featured on the show when it moved to CBS and during the episode, Fred Savage was the guest on the show.

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8. Steve was named amongst the Top 40 Up-and-Coming Comics in 2017

2017 was a great year for Steve Gillespie. Starting from his comedy album “Alive on State” that launched during the year, Steve was also named in the Top 40 Up and Coming Comics by

Furthermore, in 2017, he performed at the San Francisco Sketch Fest and was on the Guest List – Seeso TV. Together, this year provided an ample boost to his career, building a unique and prosperous trajectory for his rise in the field.

9. In 2018, he appeared on “Inside Jokes with Asif Ali” on Amazon Prime

Inside Jokes with Asif Ali was an Amazon Prime special that featured 15 episodes on the digital streaming platform during 2018. Steve Gillespie was a guest on episode 14 of the show alongside Nat Baimel.

The quirky and humorous show was an amazing treat for audiences that loved comedians come together and discuss various issues in a light, normal set up. The standup series is still available for viewership on Amazon Prime with a subscription.

10. His themes are centered around self-destruction

Steve Gillespie has one of the most unique comedy senses in the space. His jokes focus on his own failures, mistakes and wrong turns that he has taken throughout life. With self-destruction, flagellation, aggression, absurdity and coarse yet effective word choice, his jokes are simply sensational.

It is this unique twist that brings large crowds to his shows and significant viewership on his online content. We’ve touched upon the success he has garnered through digital shows already.


What is Steve Gillespie’s age?

As it is extremely common with comedians, there are absolutely no details on the internet regarding Steve Gillespie’s date or area of birth. We can assume that since he started his career in Minneapolis, he was born there as well but that is not verified either.

It says on his website that he is from Wisconsin and that is all we know so far. Steve has not revealed his date and year of birth which makes it hard to determine his exact age at the moment.

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Where to find Steve Gillespie tour details?

There are various platforms where Steve Gillespie’s tour and show details are posted. The most accurate and convenient place to find this information is through his own website, So, if you’re looking to watch him perform, head over to his website and grab the next available tickets.

Who Are Steve Gillespie’s parents?

Much like his age, Steve Gillespie has made no information available regarding his parents, siblings or other family members. The occupation, origin, nationality of his parents has been kept private.

We respect his decision to keep this information away from public eyes however, these missing details about various comedians make us wonder how they manage to do this anyway, especially with social media such a craze.

Is Steve Gillespie married?

Despite extensive browsing through the internet and his social media handles, it is impossible to determine Steve’s relationship status. Who he is dating, has dated, whether he is married, has children or any other details are simply inaccessible. If they ever become available, we will make sure to update them accordingly.

Steve Gillespie – Acme Comedy Company

If you are looking  to get a taste of Steve Gillespie and his comedic genius, here is an amazing clip from his performance at the Acme Comedy Club. Yes, he still performs at the stage that provided the platform for his success and this snippet in particular is from the Holiday Showcase Show!


Steve Gillespie is amongst the most well-known comedians in the standup circle. He has made some impressive achievements throughout his career with guest appearances at ‘Magnotronic’, ‘Bedtime Stories’, ‘The Standup Chronicles’, and ‘Three Guys Talking’ to name a few.

He continues to make his mark on the scene, becoming a definite one to watch for avid comedy viewers.

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