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Zane Lamprey – Renowned Host of the Best Drinking Shows

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All You Need to Know About Zane Lamprey

Zane Lamprey is one of the most popular TV personalities known for his adventures around the world. He has been repeatedly told by fans and other comedians about how he has the world’s most enviable job. Zane has traveled all around the world and hosted TV shows where he eats, drinks, and explores various cultures and cuisines. Zane’s travels have taken him to a host of different countries where he has sampled local food and beverages along with the locals.

He has hosted Drinking made Easy, Have Fork Will Travel, Chug, and Four Sheets. Zane is a known personality in the travel and drinks space and has even built an empire around his brand. He has a loyal fan following and has built a reputation people trust.

Aside from all of these productions, he is also a regular speaker and beverage judge at important events and has published the book: 6 Continents, 15 Countries, 190 Drinks, and 1 Mean Hangover.

Whether you are a fan of Zane’s or want to learn more about him, this article will help you learn some of the most fascinating things about him.


Here Are Some of the Most Interesting Things about Zane Lamprey

1. Zane Lamprey has a unique sense of humor

Zane Lamprey has toured the entire country and told jokes about his misadventures and travels, most commonly when he drinks.

His stories are about drinking with others, and he usually tells them when he is drinking again. Zane has performed stand-up comedy in all U.S. states and impressively still does with his busy schedule and podcast. He is quite popular, like Steve Gillespie but specializes in a different type of comedy style.

2. Zane Lamprey has checked off a lot of things from his bucket list

Zane has gone on wild adventures in the world, traveled to exotic countries, and met people from various cultures. He is unafraid of achieving what most don’t dare to go after and even set the world record for making the longest LIVE podcast which lasted for 26 hours.

Also, Zane has also set the world record for sabering the highest number of champagne bottles under a minute which was 31 bottles.

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He ran the most successful Kickstarter at $2 million when he launched the apparel brand, Pleepleus. Additionally, he also won the “Man of the Year” award at Craft Beer Marketing Awards in 2020 and has even successfully bagged two Tasty Awards, numerous Telly Awards, and a CableFax Award.

3. He has an amazing Amazon Prime special called “Ski Patrol”

“Ski Patrol Tour” is a comedy tour by Zane Lamprey that he will perform at various breweries as he prepares for his Amazon Prime Comedy Special called “Ski Patrol”. Zane Lamprey has been the host of Chug, Four Sheets, Chug, Drinking Made Easy, and Three Sheets and is going on his third stand-up tour, which will be featured in especially US breweries.

Audiences can join him for a fun night of stand-up comedy and even experience his Comedy Special shoot in February. His “Tender Looks” special is already live on Amazon Prime and can be rented or purchased. The thing that keeps Zane Lamprey’s comedy fresh and attractive is his enthusiasm and ingenuity.

4. Zane Lamprey is best known as the host of the show “Three Sheets”

Three Sheets was Zane Lamprey’s first step into the business as a TV show host. He had worked on various projects for VH1, MTV, and Comedy Central, but it was Three Sheets that took his career to another level.

The show featured Zane as he traveled to various cities worldwide. It ran for four seasons and allowed Zane to develop a large following that continued to follow and support him. Starting from 2006, almost 52 episodes ran till 2009 on TV Networks like Spike, Travel, FLN, and Mojo HD.

5. Zane has a unique beverage as his favorite drink

After 2009 when Zane finished shooting Three Sheets, the most frequently asked questions by other comedians, showbiz professionals, and fans were regarding his favorite drink. Zane continued working on a passion project while working in the entertainment sphere, which was Zane Lamprey’s Monkey Rum.

Instead of simply answering the question, “what is your favorite drink?”, Zane created his own drink that was made after meticulous testing. He spent almost three years sampling, researching, and developing a rum that would exceed his expectations and standards and fit the title of his “favorite drink”. Monkey Rum was launched in 2014 in New York City and continued to gain popularity all over the country throughout 2015.

6. Zane’s show “CHUG” was funded by his amazing fans

CHUG was a show Zane worked on after 2013, when the general opinion among the public was that TV networks were not looking for drinking shows. However, Zane’s fans still wanted an international drinking show with him as the host, so Zane worked hard to make that happen with a Kickstarter campaign. He gave power to his fans with the Chug Kickstarter that ran in May of 2013.

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After promoting and campaigning for the show for 45 days, the Kickstarter had been funded with a total of $591,803, which exceeded the campaign’s target of $500,000. This amount allowed Zane and his team to produce another international drinking show which was set in Fiji, Rome, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, and Budapest. Each episode was an hour long, and Zane and his team traveled the world fulfilling backer rewards for the 8,177 backers that funded their project.

7. The show “Drinking Made Easy” allowed Zane to travel to the USA and Canada

Zane had always taken his drinking adventures abroad, but for a new show, “Drinking Made Easy”, Zane decided to have fun in local locations in the US.

The new show had a concept similar to Three Sheets but focused on exploring drinking in the US and specific Canadian locations. He also developed the Drinking Made Easy Tour during this time, which was a live comedy show that accompanied the Drinking Made Easy production. Zane and his crew shot the TV show during the day and performed live shows at night.

There were three seasons for Zane’s Drinking Made Easy Show, which ran on HDNet and AXS TV channels.

8. Zane Lamprey has a famous podcast called “Lightly Toasted”

Zane Lamprey also runs a famous audio and video podcast online which is called “Lightly Toasted”. Zane hosts the podcast as he invites other comedians and influencers to have conversations with him around the fire pit outside of his home.

Zane and his guests make s’mores together, sip on hot beverages, and toast marshmallows together while talking about different topics. You can tune in for a new episode every week and listen to Zane, and his guests share stories about their adventures.

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9. He has an incredible merchandise store online

Zane Lamprey is not just a TV host and comedian; he is also the CEO and founder of pleepleus. pleepleus is an apparel brand for beverage lovers who want to remain comfortable yet hip.

The brand focuses on various beverage professionals and highlights their positive achievements in the community as well. You can buy high-quality hoodies, sweatshirts, flannels, jackets, and hats on the site as well as great drinkware that will last you for years.

He’s Never Had a S’more?!? w/ Dan Lissing | Lightly Toasted #10

Dan Lissing joins Zane by the fire to enjoy his first s’more EVER?! They also talk about how Zane is Dan’s oldest friend, how burpees are the worst, and Zane tells Dan that his short film “The Answers” made him cry.


Zane Lamprey is one of the top comedians and TV hosts in the USA who is widely popular for his drinking shows. He has been a fan-favorite ever since his first show Three Sheets took off, and many fans have contributed to making his dream of starting an apparel brand come true.

Like his international show, CHUG, Pleepleus, his apparel brand, was a crowdfunded business idea that grew into a successful venture over the years. Zane also successfully runs his video/audio podcast Lightly Toasted, which has featured many amazing guests.

He shares s’mores, marshmallows, and interesting stories in his weekly podcasts with his viewers. You can catch Zane in various comedy clubs in LA, or in New York since he is a frequent traveler and performs all over the country.

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