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Solomon Georgio – Learn about this Up and Coming Funny Guy

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Solomon Georgio is an American writer and actor known for his appearances in Shrill, High Fidelity, and Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D. But that’s not just what he excels at. Solomon has many other talents, one of which is that he is a great comedian who is getting popular in the LA community.

Let’s learn more about Solomon Georgio than meets the eye.


Here Are Some Interesting Facts about Solomon Georgio

1. He Is a Man Who Wears Many Hats

Solomon Georgio is a man with many talents. Professionally, he is an actor, a writer, and a great stand-up comedian. He is known for his appearances in High Fidelity, Shrill, and Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D. He is also a very popular stand-up comedian with the most hilarious jokes.

However, his jokes come from his own bitter experiences that he has had in life. His stand-up comedy also got him to the finals of the show “Stand Up for Diversity”. He started doing comedy in 2007 and has been doing it ever since.

2. He Is a Sagittarius

Born on December 16, 1981, Solomon is a Sagittarius who began his career in comedy from Seattle. He was born in the town of Lynwood, Washington and is a Black American.


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3. Solomon’s Brother

Solomon has a younger brother who forgot to invite him to his wedding. Solomon even tweeted about this experience back in 2018, explaining what happened in a hilarious Tweet. However, his family members have stayed away from public attention, and little is known about them.

But seriously, who forgets to invite their brother to their wedding? Well, maybe someone who knows that their brother would be cracking jokes all the time!

4. Solomon is Brutally Honest

The reason why people love Solomon’s stand-up comedy sessions is because he is brutally honest about the world. In his Conan set, the comedian dropped some heavy truths about the U.S., international politics, and some of the most beloved fairy tales.

And he did that with real hard facts and history. He likes saying what he wants to say as it makes doing comedy more comfortable for him.

5. He Tries His Best to Be the Most Knowledgeable Person in the Room

According to Solomon, his biggest fear is to be the dumbest person in a group of people. He likes to know his facts and keeps himself aware of things that matter. He always finds himself wanting to say smart things, which is why his jokes are always backed by actual facts and figures.

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6. He Currently Lives in LA

Solomon moved to Seattle in 1994, when he was a teenager, a city that he calls to be the “whitest” it can be. He had previously lived there for 16 years before he moved. According to him, moving to Seattle definitely made him a better person.

Later on, he moved to LA and has been living there for more than five years now. The reason why he moved from Seattle to LA was because he found more opportunities in LA.

Although he loved Seattle and found it perfect, he wanted to be somewhere where his career had growth options. Moving from Seattle was very upsetting for him, but he had to do it for his career. He does not go back very often now as he loves being in LA now. He was quite surprised to like LA. The city is quite mean, according to him.

7. His Career Growth

When he moved to LA, Solomon experienced a quick turnover in his growth. Although the monetary success came a bit later, he got to be on the good shows really quickly. He used to hang out with a supportive group of people and other Northwestern comedians who helped bring other comics like him along with them. He found the LA community to be quite supportive.

Ron Funches helped him a lot by referencing him and finding him good shows. He was already doing a number of shows every month when he moved to LA. By the end of his first year though, he started doing regular shows, which was a huge success for him as compared to Seattle.


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8. He Often Does Not Believe that His Success Is Real

According to Solomon, he does not think that he is fully aware of how successful he is as a comedian. He says that it has been a dream come true for him and he’s very happy about it, but he still is not 100% sure that it’s happening to him.

Even though he has worked hard to get here, he cannot digest that it’s him doing all of it, performing on television and being so much in the moment that it feels like a fantasy when he walks away from it.

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9. His Inspirations

When he was a young comic, Solomon used to watch Maria Bamford and Margaret Cho. He liked how they had their own way of exposing their vulnerabilities in a fun way. He likes being someone who is like, “that’s me. Take it or leave it.”

He also gravitated towards Louis C.K. However, he always found female comics more relatable as they were always very vocal about their personality and who they were.

10. He Loves Being a Part of the LA Community

Solomon thinks that LA has a lot to offer than meets the eye. It seems ugly from far away but when you are a part of it, you will always be discovering new things about it. It has been unlike any other city for him.

He cannot compare LA with any other place because there’s none like it. It has been the best place for his career and although he worked really hard for it, he has seen a great time in LA.

11. His Introduction to Comedy

Solomon watched his first comedy video when he was three years old. He watched George Carlin make people laugh and found it so surprising how content can make an entire room of people laugh. He found it similar to a magic trick.

12. He Is Gay

Solomon came out when he was 18 years old and has been quite vocal about his sexual orientation. You will often find him talking about it in his stand-up comedies.

However, he found it a little difficult to talk about it as the queer comedy situation in Seattle was quite small. It was just him and another comic. He still has hang-ups with his family about his sexual orientation.

13. He Wants to Have His Own Show One Day

Solomon has a lot of certain goals. However, he admits that he has still not figured out his life. He is always left surprised by what he has accomplished so far. He does want to have his own show one day. He also wants to act more and appear in more movies and shows. However, he definitely does not want to get caught up in a situation that he does not want to be a part of.

Although he loves acting, writing, and comedy, he only wants to commit his life to standup. The rest of the stuff depends on how he feels in the moment and how much he wants to commit himself to it. He is aware that making a living solely by standup is impossible. So he will continue doing other things so that he can regularly do standup.

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14. He Would Not Like to Relocate from LA

He loves being in LA as he is set there. He often has to turn down projects that require relocation. When opportunities come his way, especially from New York, he loves visiting the city, but he does not want to relocate to New York.

15. More than a Decade of His Career

He has been a comedian for more than 10 years now. On his very first stage performance, he was booed off, after which he did not come back to the stage for a long time. He has also appeared in Flophouse, a documentary about America’s up and coming comedians. His journey as a comedian started from Seattle and is now thriving in LA. He has covered a lot of ground during his career, both literal and metaphorical.


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Solomon Georgio – Mom Versus Bully – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

In this exclusive clip, Solomon Georgio explains how he hatched a very stupid plot to get revenge on his bully when he was a kid – and when it backfired, an unlikely ally defended him.


Solomon Georgio has had quite an amusing career. We can’t help but love the fact how he incorporates facts into his stand-up comedies. That’s what, we believe, makes his comedy sessions more engaging and fun. Everyone loves the blunt and brutally honest person in the room.

You can follow him on Twitter where his tweets are nothing less than a comedy session of their own. Check them out to see his hilarious take on everyday things.

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