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Pinky Patel – A PTA Mom Turned Comedian or the Other Way Around?

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Up-and-coming comedian Pinky Patel

It’s not every day that TikTok produces megastars who are capable of making millions of people laugh. Here we have Pinky Patel, who managed to do just that with her TikTok account and a unique username, Hot Mess Express Pinky Style. A TikTok influencer who garnered attention with her unique and hilarious content, Pinky has extended her “act” into the real world with improv and at local comedy clubs.

You can check her Instagram to see if there’s a show in your city and if there is, be ready to have a fun night with lots of laughter. When she is not making people roll on the floor laughing, she is attending PTA meetings and working her normal 9 to 5. If you didn’t see her on TikTok or any other online platform, you wouldn’t recognize her on the street, even with her crown on!

Pinky Patel is an up-and-coming comedian who likes to keep a low profile to keep her family and work-life private from her millions of followers. We have collected some unique facts about Pinky Patel to help us understand how she became a hilarious person turned PTA mom turned standup comedian.


Exclusive Facts about Pinky Patel


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1. She Makes Herself Laugh First before Posting a Video on TikTok

Comedians rely on making their audience laugh to see if the content is worth sharing with a bigger audience. They would test their jokes or funny content on family members, friends, or colleagues to see their reactions. If their audience is laughing out loud, the content is good enough to share. If not, they’ll need something better.

There are comedians who do not rely on this technique, mainly because their audience is not live, just like Pinky Patel. She is primarily a TikTok star who has to post videos that would make people laugh instantly. If she waits around to ask others about her content, she may not be able to post regularly. So, Patel has come up with a foolproof method that always gets her thousands of views and likes per video.

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She creates a video and watches it herself first. If the video makes her laugh out loud, only then does she post it on her TikTok account. If her content does not get an extremely positive reaction from herself, she discards the video. The comedian is not in the habit of keeping drafts.

Pinky Patel has this method working for her because, in her own words, if the content is not making her laugh today, it won’t make her laugh tomorrow.

2. Even After 5 Million+ TikTok Followers, It Is Her Side Gig!

Pinky Patel has been a TikTok user since October 2020, using herself as an audience to judge her content before uploading. Since her method has been working perfectly for her, Pinky has gotten over five million followers as of April 2022. In less than two years, she was able to go from zero to millions, yet she is not using this as an excuse to leave her 9 to 5.

Pinky lives in Chicago with her family. She calls them her “roommates” because she wants to keep her private life away from the millions of people looking at her TikTok videos every day. Two of her “roommates” go to school, and she attends their PTA meetings. Being a full-time mom is her thing, and having a full-time job in IT is something she does not want to give up just yet.


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3. She Wants to Protect Her “Roommates” from Social Media Exposure

It’s common for influencers to face privacy issues when they become famous. Having millions of fans on social media is enough to get you recognized during a quick grocery run. For an influencer who is single and living on their own, it gets annoying at times, so imagine what it would do to a social media celebrity who has a family and kids!?

Pinky Patel had to combat this side of popularity with her determination and persistence. She will not reveal her family or their names online because she does not want to disrespect them. Her decision to keep her roommates’ lives private is a pact they agreed to as a family.

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If a fan asks Pinky about her family and shares a wish to see them. Pinky does not entertain this idea and clearly states that “it’s rude” or “that’s creepy.” Despite her popularity on social media and now on standup platforms, Pinky remains loyal to the decision and keeps her husband and kids away from the publicity.

4. It Was Her Dream to Move to the Stage

Back when Pinky Patel had 1-2 million followers, she wanted to take her talent to the stage of standup comedy and showcase her skills. Now we know it’s not a farfetched dream for her anymore! Pinky has been touring all over the country, making people laugh in different cities. The wish to become a standup comedian has come true for her.

She wants to show Indian girls that it’s possible to make it because the industry is not as biased as it was before. Back in the 90s, Pinky wanted to become an actor, but it was impossible for her. There were little to no opportunities, and the lack of roles was enough to shatter her dreams.

Fast forward to the 2020s, there’s enough room on stage to provide a platform for Pinky Patel to show her talents and let the world see what she’s got. Now that the unexpected has happened, we hope to see her more on stage, touring around the country!


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5. Pinky’s “Hello My Priends” Is Her Brand

Pinky Patel is quite different from other social media or standup comedians we are used to. She does not take material from her own life to create humorous content, nor does she use her ethnicity to talk about how Indian-Americans live. For her, comedy is simply to make people laugh.

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She starts her videos with “Hello My Priends” and continues to talk in an accent that her fans now associate with her. What comes as a surprise to most is that Pinky Patel is bilingual! She uses her “funny voice” for her videos only, and the rest of the time, she has a normal American accent.

In her TikTok videos, you will see her wearing minimal makeup with perfect eyeliner, holding a chapstick, and wearing a crown. She would apply a fresh coat of chapstick every few seconds and answer stupid questions found on Google or her comment section in her unique style.

Sometimes she takes a TikTok video that stands out to her (offensively, mostly) and uses it to share her thoughts on the matter. Her unique perspective on the things we find online keeps her content fresh and funny.

BANNED From TikTok! Featuring @PinkyPatelOfficial | Judge Jerry Springer

In this video, social media comedian Pinky Patel is suing Priyanka in the amount of $5000 for lost wages due to content that was removed because Priyanka reported her TikTok account.


Pinky Patel is a TikTok comedian who gained fame by applying a fresh coat of chapstick, wearing a crown and using an accent to talk to people who want answers to stupid questions. Her videos are hilarious and a stress reliever for many. If you go online and look at her comment section, you’ll find appreciation for her content which is light, funny, and relatable.

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