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Kiran Deol: A Standup Comedian with TV Experience

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Getting to know Kiran Deol

Kiran Deol is an actor, comedian, producer, and director with experience in the TV industry. She mainly identifies as a standup comedian. She is paving the way for diverse women to enter the comedic arts industry that’s been dominated by men for a long time.

Kiran has starred in TV shows like Sunnyside, How to Get Away with Murder, and Modern Family. She has written and directed films for HBO and Sundance. Her talents have been recognized by Emmy and Academy Awards’ juries. Not only that, but Kiran Deol has also co-hosted Hysteria, a podcast for Crooked Media.

While her other accomplishments can fill out her entire resume, it’s Kiran’s work as a standup comedian that we are here to appreciate. She has been a touring comedian for a long time, with headlines on the Kennedy Center and NY Comedy Festival. Entertainment Weekly named her one of the 11 Asian American Comics of 2020 who should be on our radars.

Kiran Deol’s career has been progressing slowly, making her one of the most admired comedians in the country. If you have watched Sunnyside, you know how capable she is with her humor. Let’s take a deep dive into her life as a standup comedian and see how she became an up-and-coming artist in the industry.


Fascinating Things to Know about Kiran Deol

1. Kiran Deol’s Life as an Entertainer

Kiran Deol is a multitasker when it comes to the entertainment industry. She is not only good at finding humor in her everyday life but also a pro at tackling topics like intimacy and poignancy in her standup comedy.

Besides the TV shows and podcast, there have been many platforms where Kiran gets a feature as a comedian. These places include Comedy Time, BBC Radio, Jezebel, etc. She produces content for women, specifically diverse women, to encourage them to step forward and take charge of their life if Hollywood or standup comedy is their goal.

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When Kiran is not performing on stage, she is sharing her delightful and funny thoughts on various topics using Instagram and other social media platforms. Her take on the life of a South Asian living in America is always fresh and relatable for many women.

2. Standup Comedy Was Not Her First Career Choice

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore! Most standup comedians nowadays are simply making people laugh because they feel good about doing it. It used to be a career comedians would choose from an early age or right out of college. Now, there are many people who become famous comedians after having lived a life in a totally different career.

For Kiran Deol, it had been a parallel ride between her life as a documentary creator and a standup comedian. Kiran had always been fascinated by women of South Asia, using their lifestyle and the way they are seen in the Western culture as material for her documentaries and comedy sketches.

When she graduated from college, she followed a female rebel soldier in Nepal for three years to film a documentary about her life. Kiran has been filming meaningful short documentaries since her graduation, and standup comedy just became a part of her life. Watching her comedy and serious pieces side by side shows how versatile Kiran is as a writer and performer!

Despite her famous documentary works that have been shortlisted or nominated for Academy and Emmy Awards, respectively, Kiran Deol’s standup comedy deserves appreciation because it sticks true to her roots. Her comedy also showcases her unique perspective on living in America as a woman of color.

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3. She Wants to Encourage Diversity in the Comedic Arts

The world of comedy is prejudiced like many other industries in the US. There are more white males who get to perform on stage and gain fame and following, while the females have to hustle for years to get a single spot. It’s even more difficult for women of color to enter the industry and actually become famous.

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Kiran Deol is one of the few names recognized in the comedic arts industry. She acknowledges this lack of diversity and uses her standup comedy stage to shed light on this challenging yet important topic. On various occasions, she talks about the change in the landscape and how women of color can make a place for themselves in this industry.

It’s a far-fetched dream for diverse women living in America to pursue a career in comedy. Some do not even consider it a career choice because it’s a male-dominated field. However, Kiran Deol does not let the bias get to her.

She wants to encourage other females, especially of South Asian origin, to do the same. If they want to enter comedic arts, then women like Kiran Deol are there to guide them through the process!

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4. Her Role in Sunnyside Is One of Her Best On-Screen Comedic Performances

A comedian can only perform their best when the stage allows them to do so. For some, social media platforms are enough to gain the attention they need from an audience who appreciates and enjoys their comedy. While for others, bigger platforms mean better opportunities for their career.

Kiran Deol is part of the latter group. She has always been a part of the entertainment industry, one way or the other, so it’s only fair that she gets to perform her best on a television screen. Kiran has played prominent guest roles in How to Get Away with Murder and Modern Family before, but her work in Sunnyside is the best one so far.

Kiran plays Mallory Modi, the main lead’s sister and a doctor. The show gives her room to show her true comedic talent, and her banters with her brother, Garrett, and some of the most liked scenes from the show. If Kiran continues to get roles in television like this one, she may have less time to tour around the country for her standup performances!

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The Newly Cast Game with Kal Penn, Kiran Deol, and Moses Storm

Kal Penn, Kiran Deol, and Moses Storm prove how well they know each other by guessing each other’s favorite car songs, childhood movies, and more! Watch them on A Little Late With Lilly Singh.


Kiran Deol is among those rare comedians who make people laugh while relaying a message worth noting. Being a woman originating from South Asia and living in America with that background has provided Kiran with enough experience to perform thousands of unique shows throughout the country.

While she is using the platform to share her views on a diverse woman’s life in the US, it is important to note that her humor is not your typical and occasional “haha” moment. Her punchlines are delivered with the kind of timing we associate with professional comedians! Kiran Deol knows her craft well enough to make her audience roll with laughter.

If you have never had the chance to watch her perform on stage, you can check her Instagram to see when she’ll be performing her next sketch near you.

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