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The Funniest Hispanic Comedians You Must Know About

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The Funniest Hispanic Comedians You Need to Know About

In this article, we have selected the top 25 Funniest Hispanic Comedians for you who have made audiences laugh all over the country. If you are a fan of comedy, you may already be familiar with a number of these comedians.

I think you should keep an eye on some up-and-coming Hispanic comedians on this list that are yet to take the country by storm with their talents.

Let’s count down in a ranked order:


The Funniest Hispanic Comedians You Should Check Out!

25. Felipe Esparza

Felipe Esparza is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has Mexican roots. He started doing stand-up comedy in the 90s and won the Last Comic Standing in 2010.

His hilarious podcast “What’s Up Fool?” has all Latino-Americans hooked as Felipe talks frankly about important issues in a light-hearted and relatable tone. His stand-up special on Netflix called “Bad Decisions” is an amazing show that never fails to make people laugh out loud.

24. Jesus Trejo

Jesus Trejo is an American stand-up comedian from Long Beach who debuted his stand-up performance on Showtime with “Stay At Home Son”. Stay At Home Son is an hour-long comedy special featuring Jesus as he talks about his experiences as a stay-at-home son of elderly parents as he cares for them now as they cared for him when he was young.

Jesus’s comedy is focused on his upbringing as the only child of Mexican American immigrants, and he has been featured on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” as well.

23. X Mayo

X Mayo is a highly underrated half-Black and half-Mexican actor, writer, and comedian with a unique personality. She calls herself the Taco Expert who came from South Central or Inglewood.

When she arrived in New York, she only had a suitcase and $80. Later, she worked as a writer for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and a New York-based creator of a sketch program called “Who Made the Potato Salad?”. X Mayo contributes to this amazing show which is about offering chances and building community for people of color.

22. Julio Torres

Julio Torres is a one-of-a-kind comedian from El Salvador who has a unique sense of humor. His comedy style can be most aptly described as niche since it is unlike any other comedian you may have watched.

Julio’s drawing called “My Favorite Shapes” is not for everyone but can’t be simply called square. Julio refers to himself as a prince, comedian, and telepath in front of his audience. If you don’t know him for his fantastic stand-up, you might recall him as a writer for “Saturday Night Live” and the co-creator of “Los Espookys.”

21. Sofia Niño de Rivera

Sofia Nino de Rivera is a stand-up comedian and actress of Mexica descent who has been called a major exponent of stand-up comedy in Latin America and Mexico as a whole.

In 2016, Sofia was chosen as Chilango’s Lady of the Year for Mexico City, which was a huge honor since she is one of the few Latin American actresses who grew up in Mexico City.

Her comedy sets are completely in Spanish, which makes the experience more hilarious as she describes various funny instances and situations in Spanish. Sofia has also starred in Club de Cuervo, which is a popular Spanish show airing on Netflix.

20. Carlos Ballarta

Carlos Ballarta is a stand-up comedian with Mexican roots, and he is one of the most popular comics in Mexico. He delivers fantastic sets and can make audiences laugh with his original and dark comedy.

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Carlos’s main focus of comedy is his everyday life in Mexico which involves the public transport system and the education system. He also likes to poke fun at the street corn sellers who betray his trust in his sets.

19. Joanna Hausmann

Joanna Hausmann Jatar is a television writer, comedian, and actress. She is Venezuelan-American and was a YouTuber before she rose to fame as a comedian and actress.

She gained popularity through her videos and by starring on Flama, Univision’s bilingual platform. Nowadays, Joanna is working as the head writer for “Hamster and Gretel,” which is Disney’s upcoming show.

18. Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio Derbez is one of the most popular Hispanic performers and stand-up comedians. He has been performing for several decades and started his career in Mexico.

He is the son of an influential actress, and people believe his talents are hereditary. He began his career as an actor, producer, and comedian and worked in various television series, rom-com films, and sketches.

When you watch his stand-up performances, you won’t be able to help but laugh at his clever wordplay, observations, and pun-filled humor. His comedy is simple and easy to understand, and you can have a great time watching it with friends and family.

17. Horatio Sanz

Horatio Sanz is a native of Chile and was the first Latino to become a cast member on Saturday Night Live in 1998. Horatio worked with other Latino comedians like Fred Armisen to nurture Latino talent in comedy and help up-and-coming comics in the Hispanic community.

Nowadays, Horatio is mainly active on his podcast, which goes by the name of The Hooray Show.

16. Chris Estrada

Chris Estrada is an American stand-up comedian who is known for being the co-creator and star of the Hulu series This Fool. This Fool is a show based on his stand-up comedy act and his formative years in South Central Los Angeles and Inglewood.

The show highlights the comedy of his childhood years as he spent them running away from pit bulls on the loose, getting robbed, and pouring over punk rock and comic books. For his amazing stand-up performance and hilarious show, Chris was voted as “one of LA’s comedians to watch in 2018” by Time Out LA.

In 2019, Chris was the “Up Next” performer at Clusterfest by Comedy Central. You can also catch Chris Estrada in the comedy special Entre Nos on HBO or on Corporate on Comedy Central.

15. Sofía Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a famous Colombian-American actress, but her sense of humor is unmatched as a comedian. She rose to popularity as a TV host for Univisión in the late 90s and got her first acting job in English with Chasing Papi.

Over the years, Sofia has been a part of many popular films like Four Brothers, Chef, The Three Stooges, New Year’s Eve, Hot Pursuit, The Emoji Movie, Escape from Planet Earth, and many more.

She is most well known for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC series Modern Family. She has been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards, seven Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards for her role as Gloria.

14. George Lopez

George Lopez is famous for his appearance in the ABC series that he created and directed on his own. George’s stand-up show explores important issues regarding ethnicity and race, especially as a Mexican American.

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Just the fact that he has a talk show speaks volumes about his talent and his experience in the comedy world. His IMDB profile features several stand-up specials and his TV program credits which give him an edge over other veteran comedians.

His most recent stand-up special on Netflix stars him taking on controversial topics boldly and cracking jokes that can make the toughest audience snort with laughter.

13. Arturo Castro

Arturo Castro is a Guatemalan actor and comedian who is most popular for his role in Broad City and Narcos.

His comedy sketch program on Comedy Central is wildly different from his most famous roles as it features his weird and Latino millennial side. The sketches are well-thought-out and quite absurd at times but are highly enjoyable.

12. Marga Gomez

Marga Gomez is a Latino-American comedian who has been bringing highly enthusiastic performances to audiences since the 1980s.

Her most iconic performance has to be about her experience as a Latina who cannot speak Spanish. Her Latinx and her gender identity as a lesbian have won her several GLAAD honors and great reviews.

11. Danielle Perez

Danielle Perez is a LA native, just like Julia Hladkowicz, who makes her experiences and hardships the focus of her comedy and delivers funny quips and dark humor that make audiences laugh the hardest.

She jokes about falling in love with comedy after losing her legs in an accident as she performs all over the globe and is a champion for accessibility.

10. Adal Ramones

Adal Ramones is a comedian and TV personality who is known for his social commentary and observations about everyday life. He rose to fame for his program Otro Rollo which is an engaging and humorous chat show.

His line “¡¿Quíere monologo?!” (Do you want a monologue!?) from the show is one of the most iconic and highly quoted lines to this day.

9. Alise Morales

Alise Morales is a performer, voice actress, and comedy writer best known as the writer for the Betches Sup newsletter.

Her writing has been featured in Above Average, Reductress, Flexx Mag, PureWow, and more. She was a featured stand-up in MTVU’s College Quickies series and was also a member of Horrible Insane Girl, which was a video sketch trio.

8. Franco Escamilla

Franco Escamilla always ends his comedic performances with a song that gives his comedy a distinct style.

He has gone on international tours and delivered great sets in Australia, Japan, and the United States of America. This highly entertaining comic from Mexico is also a popular voice actor and businessman and never fails to deliver a fun set.

7. Liss Pereira

Liss Pereira is a Columbian actress and comic who stepped into the comedy business with the show “Los Comediantes de la Noche. She has starred in several Fernando Ayllon films and has even gotten the chance to perform at important international comedy festivals.

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Her performance on “5 Minutitos Más” helped her gain praise from other comedians as well as the public.

6. Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz is a Cuban-American actor, stand-up comedian, and podcast host. He started his career in comedy in 1991 and has been a part of the popular TV series My Name Is Earl and films like Taxi and the Longest Yard.

Joey has also hosted the podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now” since 2012 and is a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

5. Gina Brillon

Gina is a Puerto-Rican stand-up comedian who was featured on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent. She failed to get into the Top 5 of the show but has received praise for her amazing performances.

Gina has appeared on Live at Gotham, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The View, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Chelsea Lately.

4. Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson is an American comedian and actress who was a cast member of the series MADtv during its 13th season.

Her character included a rude fast food employee turned music star and a Vietnamese nail salon employee called Linh/ Tammy.

3. Melissa Villaseñor

Melissa is a comedian, actress, impressionist, musician, and singer who is best known for her comedic performances on Saturday Night Live.

She joined the show during its 42nd season in 2016. She has also worked in OK K.O!, Adventure Time, TripTank, Family Guy, and Let’s Be Heroes.

2. Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias, commonly known as Fluffy, is a stand-up comedian and actor. He has been a part of several stand-up specials on Netflix and Comedy Central, which include “I’m Not Fat…“, “I’m Fluffy,” and “Hot & Fluffy.”

Finally, Gabriel has also been a part of various animated shows and films, as well as live-action movies.

1. John Leguizamo

John created the Tony Award-winning play Latin History for Morons after he heard about his son being bullied at school.

 John wanted his son to be proud of his heritage and stand up to others confidently. His work compiled 3000 years of civilization history in a one-and-a-half-hour enlightening show which is now available for watching on Netflix.

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Anjelah Johnson, Aida Rodriguez, Gabriel Iglesias, John Leguizamo, Felipe Esparza, Cristela Alonzo, and George Lopez talk about the sweet, proud, and laugh-out-loud moments of growing up Latino/a.


This article highlights 25 of the Funniest Hispanic Comedians that are worth watching. You can catch shows of most of these comedians in comedy clubs in LA or in comedy clubs in Brooklyn.

Some of the comedians listed in this article are international stars and more famous outside of the United States. Now that you know these comedians, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter to see when they are coming to a location near you.