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Olivia Hill – The Up-and-Coming Comedian Ready to Make You Laugh

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Olivia Hill

With a plethora of aspiring actors, comedians, writers, dancers, and other artists trying to make it big in Los Angeles, there are some that are instantly noticeable to the audience.

Although they may not become as famous as their peers being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel show, they have their own private fan base that supports them and roots for them at every show.

One of many such amazing comedians who are part of the Los Angeles scene is Olivia Hill.

She was born in Southern California and was raised by Karl Hill, an urban planner, and Elaine Hill, her librarian mother. Olivia Mayumi Hill is a true Californian and played competitive volleyball for six years. Aside from her talents in sports, she was an enthusiastic performer from a young age.

With any opportunity to perform on stage up for grabs, Olivia would be the first to volunteer and participate. All throughout her school years, she took part in school plays and short films created by her friends.

Nowadays, she lives in Los Angeles and is a member of the M.I. Westside Comedy Theater’s Improv group called Air Force Fun. She has also appeared on Buzzfeed and many other comedy shows happening all over Los Angeles.

Olivia Hill also tries to do good with her talents as she also produces her variety show for comedy called Philanthropy TBD.


Here Are Some Facts about Olivia Hill You Should Know:

1. Olivia Hill Has Been Inspired by the Greats

Like many other comedians, Olivia Hill, too, was inspired by the greats to pursue comedy. Olivia has confessed to watching Comedy Central a lot as a teenager. The channel’s and its show’s influence is what made her interested in comedy in the first place. Aside from Comedy Central, she was also inspired by powerful female comedians in the scene. She quotes her three main inspirations in comedy to be Maria Bamford, Chelsea Handler, and Ali Wong. It was due to these highly motivational women; that Olivia Hill was encouraged to take up comedy as a career.

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2. Olivia’s Career in Comedy Has Been a Bit Rocky

When Olivia Hill got her start in comedy, she didn’t know anything much about comedy. She thought that every comedian who was on the stage was aiming to be perfect. Therefore, she aspired to do the same and kept practicing until she showcased her five-minute comedy set. She rehearsed a lot of times, and her hard work paid off as the audience loved her.

Her professional journey is what made Olivia realize that there will be highs and lows involved. When a comedian is at a low, they will begin to question themselves and ask if it should all be put to rest. Olivia shares that after you push past your lows and start to come back on the top, your God Complex will begin to become apparent. After which, some people’s wax wings begin melting, and they begin flailing down. It’s a cycle of ups and downs, and one has to remember that progress is not always linear.

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3. Olivia Had a Destined Start into Comedy

When the time came for her to choose a major, it was simple where Olivia’s heart was as she opted for a degree in Television & Film. She also took an interest in Psychology and Interpersonal Communication, which would further help her build herself as a comedian. Even in college, Olivia had a highly outgoing personality who loved to take part in extracurricular activities. She was a popular personality on SDU’s KCR College Radio. In her final year of college, Olivia was asked to lead the station as general manager. When she moved back to Oahu after her graduation, she decided to take up comedy.

4. She Is the Founder of Her Own Comedy Group

Not many people are aware of this fact, but Olivia Hill is actually the founder of her own comedy troupe called Try Harder Sometimes. Olivia’s sense of humor is really well-incorporated in the group’s brand image. She is not afraid to make fun of herself and finds the best topics for comedy are her own doings and personality.

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5. She Is Hopeful about the Future of Comedy

Olivia Hill has shared that she feels the future of comedy is ever-evolving. She has shared that she feels due to the changes in our society and the transformation younger generations are bringing, comedy is always evolving. She has also added that it is anyone’s best guess what the future of comedy would like since it is ever-developing. However, she feels glad it has become a more inclusive space for everyone, which has added a touch of uniqueness to the comedy scene.

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6. She Had a Memorable Encounter with Kendra Wilkinson Once

So many famous and inspirational people influence our lives, even without them acknowledging the fact. The same happened with Olivia Hill when she met her inspiration, Kendra Wilkinson, at a book signing.

Olivia has shared that she is the nicest celebrity she has ever met. During her meeting, Kendra continued the conversation with her even though there were several people behind her in the line.

Although Olivia was hesitant to take up much of Kendra’s time, Kendra was genuinely interested in a college radio show Olivia had been producing along with her studies. This interaction is one of the favorites that affected her greatly.

7. Olivia Deals with Failures in Comedy in a Hilarious Way

Everyone deals with rejections, failures, and other forms of negativity in their personal and professional career. However, it is how you manage those failures that determine how much you will grow.

When a performance goes extremely bad for Olivia, her brain completely removes it from her memories. This has helped Olivia build herself and carry on with much better performances later on. Contemplating the same failures and bad performances can only bog down an artist, which is why Olivia Hill deems this to be a defense mechanism from higher powers to push her to keep going.

8. She Has an Amazing and Spontaneous Sense of Humor

Olivia Hill has a truly unique sense of humor that includes sarcastic jokes about herself and about situations about her. Her wit and attention to detail make audiences laugh out loud.

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However, her fans are often surprised to find that her sense of humor is spontaneous.

Olivia writes a lot of jokes on errands and adds them to her Notes app the second she thinks of them. She has said that her memory of ideas is very poor, and she rarely remembers a joke she’s thought of after some time.

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Video: Olivia Mayumi Hill

Olivia Mayumi Hill is a stand-up comedian, actor, and struggling Da Vinci Resolve editor.


Olivia Hill is a highly talented comedian in Los Angeles, CA. Due to her amazing talents on stage, while she was in school, Olivia Hill was inspired to take up comedy after college. She is a member of the M.I. Westside Comedy Theater’s group Air Force Fun.

She has also been on many comedy shows in Los Angeles to perform and even made an appearance on Buzzfeed. She is a kind soul and produces a variety show called Philanthropy TBD.

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