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Paige Weldon – The Quirky Comedian with a Love for Cartoons

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Learn more about Paige Weldon

You may find Paige to be a quiet, shy girl, but behind that façade is an extremely cool comedian from Los Angeles who is one to watch out for! Paige Weldon is a comic, actor, podcaster, cartoonist, and writer that has been featured on notable TV shows and stand-up stages. She has been named one of Time Out LA’s top ten comedians to watch and called the New York Comedy Festival Comic to Watch.

Paige is a multi-talented comedian and has been featured as an actress in Heathers, Paramount Network’s TV Reboot. Moreover, Paige has also written for and been featured in Comedy Central’s Corporate, a satirical show about the corporate world. To learn more about the talented comedian, Paige Weldon, keep on reading this article.


Here Are Some Lesser-Known Facts about the Comedian Paige Weldon

1. Paige Weldon has been featured in the Late Late Show with James Corden

Paige is a talented comedian who has been featured on the late-night TV show The Late Late Show by James Corden. She had a six-minute set on the show where she entertained the audience with jokes about her self-esteem, confidence, and the fun in leaving events.

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Paige had the audience chuckling when she told how she liked leaving an event to be the best part of the evening. She says that leaving means she has already finished the best parts of the event, like eating the snacks and avoiding people. After leaving, she can look forward to texts from friends like “Did you leave?” to which she can reply the next day to cause a bit of suspenseful drama.

2. Paige Weldon was in the hysterically funny show Corporate

Paige plays the role of Belinda on the show Corporate on Comedy Central. The show Corporate began airing in 2018 and finished in 2020. It features a hilarious story about a junior executive-in-training at a multinational corporation.

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In addition to being a stellar comedic actress, Paige is a talented writer who contributed to the show by writing an episode.

3. Paige Weldon has an album on a special thing record called “Girlfriend at the Time”

Paige has a fun album on Spotify called “Girlfriend at the Time.” It is an album consisting of her quirky and funny live comedy routines. The overall theme of the album is relationships, love, and life. She talks about how hard it is to find a good man, how she loves when men have to pause while telling a story to add “girlfriend… at the time”, and how it is great how you can leave a party early when you’re in a relationship.

The album features 25 short snippets from her comedy routines to make audiences laugh and enjoy her as she retells stories from her life or observations she has made.

4. Paige had a comedy podcast called Mall Talk

Paige used to co-host a comedy podcast called Mall Talk with a friend named Emily Faye. They featured guests and talked about the mall, famous stores, and events. It was a casual and fun podcast with a loyal following of fans who loved listening to the girls talk about funny events and observations every Wednesday.

The show featured guests like Eliza Skinner, Jack Robichaud, Kevin Camia, Ellie McElvain, Scott Gairdner, and so many more.

The podcast ended on the 27th of January 2022, as both hosts could not find the time to dedicate to the podcast. The hosts ended the show on a high note and made the 173rd episode memorable by chatting amongst themselves about a large store they could never get to and more topics.

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5. Paige has performed on several great stand-up platforms

Paige is a well-known comedian who has performed in locations all over the United States of America. She has performed in Dallas, Spokane, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc.

She has been featured on several stand-up shows such as Jet-Pack Comedy, The Comedy Patio, the Laugh Factory, and Madhouse San Diego.

6. Paige Weldon uses her artistic talents for her comedy

Paige is a talented artist who posts cartoons on her Instagram account. She posts funny and quirky comics of her daily life and ideas. She has posted about her ideas for genius inventions that would change the world for the better.

Some of these inventions include small roombas instead of a large one that can clean more effectively, a microwave that detects lettuce and other cold ingredients, so they do not get warmed, and a stomach sleeper blanket cape.

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7. Paige’s humor mainly focuses on her self-esteem, confidence, and relationships

Paige makes audiences laugh with her funny observations, quirky mannerisms, and hilarious jokes. She tells audiences about the famous One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful” and hilariously points out how low self-esteem does not make anyone attractive.

She also jokes about relationships and sometimes gets confused if someone is flirting with her or just providing good customer service.

8. Paige made a joke about she’s the complete opposite of her first impression

Paige looks like a quiet, shy, and shy girl who might seem like an avid reader to some. She tells her audiences how appearances can be deceptive in a comedy routine.

Paige is not an avid reader and describes that she gave up when she discovered she didn’t have to read. She tells how she also looks like someone who may have allergies, a fact that made her sad that a peanut could easily kill her.

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Paige Weldon – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Paige Weldon begin her comedy career?

Paige confessed in an Instagram post that she started doing comedy in 2011. She has been a successful comedian for all these years and has made audiences laugh with her observations about life and love.

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Do Paige Weldon and Emily Faye work together?

Paige and Emily used to work together on the podcast Mall Talk together. On the comedy podcast, they interviewed guests and talked about the mall, different stores, and upcoming events. It was a fun podcast that ended in January 2022.

Paige Weldon Stand-Up

James welcomes stand-up comedian Paige Weldon to Stage 56, where she performs jokes about her self-esteem and dives into the beauty of leaving any event.


Paige Weldon is a hilarious comic that is based in Los Angeles. She has been in the comedy circuit since 2011 and loves interacting with audiences and making them laugh with her funny antics and jokes on stage.

Her talents have been recognized by the Late Late Show with James Corden and Comedy Central. To learn more about the comedian, you can interact with her on Twitter, Instagram, on her website.

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