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Tehran Von Ghasri – The Hilarious Multicultural Comic with Iranian Roots

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Who is Tehran Von Ghasri

Tehran Von Ghasri is a stand-up comedian, actor, TV host, radio personality, and entertainer. Although Tehran is American, he speaks fluent Farsi owing to his Iranian roots. Tehran is half-African American and half-Persian, making him a multicultural American who is able to connect to a wide range of audiences.

Tehran was brought up by his loving yet strict father in Washington, D.C., where he started his career in comedy and entertainment. He has performed shows in both Persian and English since he is fluent in both Farsi and English and is aware of the nuances of American and Iranian cultures.

His family is also multireligious as well as being multicultural. Tehran’s religious background includes religions like Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Tehran’s  African American mother and Iranian father celebrated his bar mitzvah when he was young and encouraged the family to participate in different religious and culturally affiliated celebrations.

Tehran is one of the most learned and culturally diverse comedians in the industry who is well aware of different cultural heritages, religions, and different ethnic backgrounds. Tehran is also well versed in speaking multiple languages and can write and read Persian without any difficulties.


Here Are Some of the Funniest Never-Heard-Before Facts about Tehran Von Ghasri

1. Tehran was named after a prominent place

Tehran Von Ghasri was named by his parents “Tehran”. Tehran is the capital city of Iran. This name was given to him so that he would never forget his cultural roots and where he belonged, even as he grew up in American society.

Tehran stayed true to his Iranian roots growing up and learned both English and Farsi to make his parents proud. Growing up and especially when he was in university, Tehran learned about Iranian culture and prominent personalities that shaped his point of view about the world, Iranian culture, and where he fit amid all of it.

Tehran has changed people’s opinions about Iranians with his comedy and patient teaching to his fans.

2. Tehran is highly inspired by Max Amini

In a show which was featured on the VOA Persian channel, Max Amini was the star of the show called “Minutes with Max Amini”. Max is a touring stand-up comedian who has been an icon in the industry for his stellar out-of-the-box performances that are based on observational comedy.

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His content and comedy have inspired many budding comedians, and Tehran is no exception. Due to his long-term friendship with Max Amini, Tehran felt drawn to stand-up comedy and was motivated to pursue it as a career.

After Max Amini, Tehran was most inspired and motivated by Maz Jobrani to pursue a career in comedy.

Maz Jobrani came for a performance at the George Washington University, the place where Tehran got a degree in economics. He met Tehran at the university and encouraged him to pursue comedy full time in Los Angeles, where he could give it his full attention.

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3. Tehran has his own radio show

Tehran Von Ghasri or Tehran “SoParvaz” is one of the funniest radio jockeys hosting shows in both English and Farsi. He is a highly dynamic performer and a dynamic entertainer.

His formidable sense of humor has been developed due to his impressive and influential energy on stage and his experiences in Iranian and American communities.

Due to his jokes on his comedy radio shows, Tehran has been likened to the best comedians in America, such as Stephen Colbert and Dave Chapelle.

4. Tehran is a talented comedic actor

Tehran is not only a famous radio jockey, TV show host, and stand-up comedian, but he is also a fantastic actor on TV screens. Tehran has been featured in various shorts such as The Real Witches of Hollywood, Maul Dogs, Speed Date Inn, American Typecast, The Persian Bachelorette, Fury of the Fist, and the Golden Fleece, and Get Your Life.

Tehran has also been featured in various online comedy show features and snippets from different comedy clubs.

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These shows feature him delivering his best jokes in front of a live audience who thoroughly enjoy his stage presence and humor.

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5. Tehran is widely famous for his spectacular performances at the Laugh Factory

Tehran is not only famous for his acting performances but for his excellent stand-up comedy videos and live performances. When you watch Tehran’s performance in real life, you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself from smiling and laughing in your seat throughout his presence.

He has a highly charismatic personality that draws the audience in as he jokes about the Iranian-American culture and how it shapes young people.

If you want to watch Tehran’s live comedy shows, you can find him on Comedy Central, Def Comedy Jam, NBC Sitcom, or near the Washington area.

To learn more about where he might be performing next, you can check out Tehran’s Instagram page, where he posts the latest details about his comedy shows and his appearances.

6. Tehran posts hilarious pictures and memes on his social media

Being a millennial, Tehran is no stranger to social media. Tehra intelligently engages with his audience on Instagram, where he posts a lot of jokes and memes about Iranian culture.

He also shares some of his funniest tweets on his Instagram, showcasing his original and unique sense of humor. Aside from that, Tehran also posts selfies, shows updates, and his opinions about the latest happenings in the political sphere.

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Tehran Von Ghasri – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Tehran Von Ghasri’s parents?

Tehran Von Ghasri’s parents are multicultural and multireligious. Tehran’s father is Iranian, while his mother is African American.

What is Tehran Von Ghasri’s Instagram handle?

Tehran Von Ghasri can be found on Instagram with the handle @iamtehran.

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What is Tehran Von Ghasri’s message for Iranian youth?

Tehran is exceptionally enthusiastic about encouraging Iranian youth to embrace their culture. He wants them to learn more about their roots, language, history, and culture so that they can be well aware of where their parents come from and how they can connect to their families.

Summary of Tehran Von Ghasri

Tehran Von Ghasri is one of the leading comedians in the American-Iranian community. Owing to his fluency in both English and Farsi, he can connect with many people given his exposure to diverse cultures.

He learned Farsi from his father, who greatly pushed him to embrace his diverse background and learn about his Iranian roots as well.

Since Tehran’s Iranian father met his African American mother while they were at university, they were able to create a welcoming environment for all their children at home. They pushed Tehran to pursue higher education while staying true to his roots and culture.

Tehran was inspired to pursue a career in comedy by Max Amini, who is a highly popular stand-up comedian and never afraid to push the envelope.

He is also inspired by Maz Jobrani, who performed a stand-up show at his university and encouraged him to go to Los Angeles in pursuit of comedy. If you want to learn about more comedians like Tehran Von Ghasri, click on any of the following links.

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