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Sean Grant — A Renowned Comedian, Writer, Actor, Host, and Whatnot!

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Sean Grant comedian

Sean Grant is an internationally renowned comedian, writer, actor, and host who has won several acclamations and recognitions throughout his career. This stand-up comedian was named the funniest college comedian in America on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

After graduating from college, Sean moved to Atlanta. He was immediately recognized and invited to stage plays to do standup comedy. He has also been scouted for a guest appearance in Meet the Browns and other regional TV shows in 2010.

If you have watched any of Sean Grant’s comedy sessions before and are wondering how this comedian gained so much popularity, read on to learn some amazing facts about Sean’s career.


Real Facts about Sean Grant’s Comedy Career


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1. The Funniest College Comedian in the United States!

When he was in college, Sean Grant appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and was recognized as the funniest college comedian in the entire U.S. Now that’s a recognition that not many comedians have received, that too in a super popular show!

2. He Has More than 15 Years of Experience

Sean is a veteran comedian with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. The stand-up comedian has toured and showcased all around the world, not just in the U.S.

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3. He Has Toured Around the World

Sean has toured for work in more than 30 U.S. States and over 5 different countries. In fact, his album, Sean Grant: First of His Name has remained number one on Amazon’s Comedy List. It is watched everywhere in the world and has top ratings.

4. He Is Also an Actor and a Writer

Sean appeared in Season One of Lafftracks on TruTV, Maron on IFC, and in TBS’ show, Meet the Browns. Sean was also the lead writer for Dead House on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network and King Bachelor’s Pad TV. Moreover, Sean has hosted the popular improv podcast, Coo Coo Town.

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5. More Content than You Can Imagine

With more than 15 years of experience, Sean Grant has gathered enough expertise and content to present shows of up to TWO HOURS! That’s right. He can host a stand-up show for an adult crowd for 60 minutes. He has also managed to pull off 120-minute Full Comedy Shows with his peers.


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6. He Is Also an EMCEE

Sean Grant has emceed multiple shows throughout his career. From talent shows, car shows, concerts, church events, trivia, birthday parties, and more, he brings entertainment everywhere he is asked to.

Sean Grant — An internationally renowned comedian

7. He Also Conducts Workshops

Have you been planning on learning improv? Well, you will be super excited to learn that your favorite comedian also conducts improv comedy workshops for team building. His workshops can be anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes.

8. He Does Private Gigs

Sean Grant can also be hired for private gigs. He has been hired for several birthday parties, corporate events, and other celebrations to entertain and engage the guests. A client of his wrote:

“I hired Sean Grant for an online Zoom birthday party for a friend of mine. It’s so hard to find something fun to do during this covid shutdown! This was perfect. Sean was funny and engaging and we all had a lot of laughs and a good time. I highly recommend him!”

9. A Lonely Professional Path

When asked about his career and work in an interview, Sean referred to his comedy career as a long and lonely path. He mentioned that getting good at what he did was only half of the job. The other half was getting business. He has gained a lot of experience in both of these phases throughout his career.

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In fact, he still continues to learn something new every day. He mentioned how he learned about setting goals the right way. According to Sean, goal-setting should not be about aiming for things that are beyond one’s realm of influence. Instead, it should be about a goal that is within one’s control.

For example, Sean planned on auditioning for SNL. However, since getting a spot in the auditions was beyond his control, he instead decided to make an audition tape that could impress the producers. This approach has helped him achieve many of his objectives.

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10. He Is Very Resilient

Sean has faced a lot of setbacks, failures, and boos throughout his career. However, he never gave up. He describes himself as a resilient boxer who does not give up even after receiving the strongest punches in his face. This toughness, according to him, comes from God.

11. His Secret to Success

Sean’s secret to success is two P’s – Prayer and Professionalism. Before making any decisions, Sean always prays to God so that his attitude remains positive throughout the process. Through his prayers, he gets a feeling of peace that lets him control his ego through disappointments.

Besides this, Sean always remains professional no matter what. He is super grateful to his clients and he proves that by always being respectful, punctual, entertaining, and professional.

12. His Mentors

Sean’s great-grandmother is his biggest mentor. According to Sean, she showed him strength by building a connection with God. It took him a long time to build it but now that he’s there, he gets his strength from this connection. He also regards his parents as his mentors as they gave him structure.

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The late Will Da Real One was Sean’s first-ever show business mentor. He taught Sean to be “humble and yet explosive”. Sean has always followed this advice and always shows his best behavior when in public while making the stage shake with his humor.

Sean also regards Abayomi Bamiro, his show business brother, as his mentor. According to Sean, Abayomi taught Sean to be determined and always pushed him to achieve his potential.


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Sean Grant is a wonderful human and one of the best comedians in America right now. Wherever he goes, the stage belongs to him. With several acclamations and recognitions under his belt, Sean is definitely among the top popular comedians not only in the U.S. but all over the world.

You can find his debut album, Sean Grant: First of His Name on Pandora, Spotify, and Sirius XM.

If you want to learn more about this down-to-earth and yet explosive comedian, check out his Instagram where he shares about his day-to-day activities and shows. Surely, there is a lot to learn from this guy!

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